Is Parenthood Ever Really Planned?

Were you or your child the result of an unplanned pregnancy?

Share your story and inspire women to choose LIFE!

I Want To Share My Story

Is pregnancy ever really planned? Share your unplanned pregnancy story with us here:

Jenna’s Unplanned Story

The Reveal Since finding out in November about the life changing event that was about to occur, I have experienced a tremendous amount of emotions. Shock, excitement, worry, anxiousness, happiness, sadness. Following week by week on how the life I was growing was changing every day, looking forward to reading facts and milestones throughout the … My unplanned story…

I was unplanned.

I Was Unplanned

“This sweet little girl was saved from abortion when her birth mother’s ride neglected to arrive. Without transportation to the abortion facility, her life was spared. Unlike the 15 Iowa babies who die every day in a Planned Parenthood, she was allowed to live. So thankful for the gift of life!”