Is Parenthood Ever Really Planned?

Were you or your child the result of an unplanned pregnancy?

Share your story and inspire women to choose LIFE!

I Want To Share My Story

Unplanned. Unintended. Inconvenient.

"Society has devised such incomprehensible words for a baby in a mother's womb. Each one of these words represents a unique hand crafted soul. It was 1972 in New York where abortion was legal since 1970. There, a 15-year-old girl fell in love with a teenage boy, withstanding pressure from school officials and others. They decided to give that child life. That child was me. I was unplanned. I was unintended. I was inconvenient. And I am thankful those two teenagers made a selfless, life-changing decision."

-Jenifer Bowen, Founder and President of Life Right Action

These are our unplanned stories...

I was unplanned.
I was unintended.
i was inconvenient.

We all have a story.

The purpose of the "i was unplanned" project is to highlight the faces behind the labels.

We believe that from every single pregnancy comes a beautiful new life.

Share your story and help us fill this site with the amazing stories behind the faces.